Bula appointed GFA Head Development Officer

Allen Bula has officially been announced as the individual who will take charge of the previously vacant position of GFA Head Development Officer. The news comes as little surprise, as this is a job that he already covers with MFK Kosice, and he is undoubtedly the most experienced person locally for the job. This news ties in well with the previous article, as it further helps towards improving the standard of football in the country.

Allen will still remain as national manager, as well as holding this position.


3 thoughts on “Bula appointed GFA Head Development Officer

  1. Does this man ever sleep? 4 jobs now !
    ..MFK Kosice (Slovakia) Football Development Manager
    ..Gibraltar Football Development Officer
    ..Gibraltar National Football Manager
    ..Head Coach Inter Marbella
    I’ve heard he’s applied at Morrisons as well.

  2. Does this man sleep ? 4Jobs ?
    …Gibraltar Football Development Officer
    …MFK Kosice Football Development Manager
    …Gibraltar National Team Manager
    …Inter Marbella Head Coach
    What next Morrisons ?

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