Gibraltar 0-0 Slovakia – extended match report

By Josh Challies 

It was a proud moment for Gibraltar on Tuesday evening as they took part in their first ever UEFA international match.

After a successful Team54 campaign, Gibraltar became a UEFA member in May and faced Slovakia in their first game.

Slovakia are no pushovers. After all, they defeated Italy 3-2 at the last World Cup and progressed to the knockout stages at the expense of their opposition.

However, that was four years ago and this time round they failed to make it to Brazil. For this match, many players were rested including Martin Skrtel and Marek Hamsik.

Gibraltar’s team were facing a moment of history but it wasn’t full of unknown names as you may expect. Lining up for the Gibraltarians were ex-Premier League defender Danny Higginbotham and Barnsley’s Scott Wiseman.

The game started as many would expect, with Slovakia dominating and Gibraltar soaking up the pressure.

Freiburg’s Guede had an early shot superbly saved by the legs of Jordan Perez in the Gibraltar net, while at the other end Liam Walker had a long-range free-kick saved.

Half hour passed and it was still goalless, with Gibraltar perhaps surprising a few. The most impressive factor was the style the Gibraltarians tried to play, despite not getting much of the ball.

As the game edged towards the interval Slovakia had two great chances to take the lead. The first led to Daniel Duarte having to clear the ball off the line and a few minutes later a diving header went just wide- but the keeper would claim he had it covered.

Slovakia continued to press and create space but failed to really test Jordan Perez in the Gibraltar net. At half-time, it was goalless.

In the second-half the onslaught continued. Slovakia committed men forward, while Gibraltar did the opposite and defended strongly.

Substitute Kyle Casciaro had to make a very important block after Slovakia cut-back a free-kick, with the ball probably finding the net if he didn’t get in the way.

Slovakia striker Bakos forced another save from Jordan Perez, who was having a great game.

Unfortunately, Gibraltar winger Robert Guilling was forced to be stretchered off with 25 minutes to go.

The substitutes had been made and it was now down to the eleven men on the field to see out the game. A draw would be a remarkable result for the Gibraltarians and that was what they were close to achieving.

As the game entered the final stages, Gibraltar were still under the cosh but holding their own. Impressive performances from Jordan Perez and Danny Higginbotham had played their part hugely.

Perez was forced into another save from Sestak’s volley, then made another solid save to deny Guede, who was very impressive for the Slovakians.

3 minutes of time were signalled and Gibraltar were very close to a historic result.

In the 92nd minute, Slovakia had a chance from a corner which cannoned back off the bar.

The new boys survived and celebrated the 0-0 draw like it was a victory. Many expected Slovakia to record a comfortable victory but the boys from the rock were solid and disciplined at the back.


19 thoughts on “Gibraltar 0-0 Slovakia – extended match report

  1. I must admit I thought Gibraltar would lose about 5-0. To gain a draw from this is a great achievement. Well done!

  2. excellent result really happy! I wonder if you know if there is still some around player who could be called that now plays abroad as Higginbotham, wiseman priestley … especially in England I think! I read that Higginbotham was born in Manchester, in the same town was born years after Kallum Higginbotham who is a midfielder / winger who played in the 1989 partick in Scotland could be even with him some source of gibraltar??? we hope someone … or anyone else there???

    I hope someone answer me that I’m very curious thank you very much!

    • sorry I was wrong I did not realize that the demand wax again … if anyone knows the answer to my question thank you very much!

      • Your original question wasn’t deleted, I just hadn’t got around to approving it yet 🙂

        As for potential new ‘naturalised’ players, the only one I know of so far is Southampton U18 keeper Will Britt, who qualifies through his parents.

        As for the guy you mentioned, I haven’t a clue if he is eligible or not. Is interesting though.

  3. ok thank you I apologize for the mistake … I noticed that they both were born in the same town and have the same last name maybe …. hopefully someone is still out there is no research in this area?? I hope so!

  4. one more thing there is a way to find out about this?? thank you again very much! there is a blog about the new stadium in gibraltar?? hope it is really nice!

  5. thank you I had already read that article … hopefully it will be a really nice stadium … I also hope that someone is still out convocabile playing time abroad … how did you know the keeper of the youth of southampton?? and sorry if I insist there any way to find out these things?? thanks answers!! maybe someone will come out in the next few friendlies again ….

  6. thank you very much!! I really wish these were out of several eligible players as the coach said … pity he did not talked to anyone else at least I was hoping someone … I’m very curious about this and I hope that at least there is someone in the upcoming friendlies in March, although I wish it was at least one other game before! if you know something about writing the blog in this topic since we were talking about this! thank you very much!

  7. hello un’po reading the blog I saw jason pusey was born in Gibraltar but do not know what happened a couple of years, I know that years ago he played with the C atletico madrid where he plays now?? might be useful to the national!

    other discovery I found this player who was born in Gibraltar! but you do not know anything else, however, the link! he who knows it might be useful!
    the name is craig Bateson

    • Hi. Jason Pusey currently plays in the local leagues, I believe for St Joseph’s. He’s been in and around the national team for a couple of years, but hasn’t made the national team for a while.

      As for Bateson, I’d imagine the GFA would be aware of him being eligible for Gibraltar.

  8. Congratulations from Spain to Gibraltarian fans! The score was mentioned on a Spanish radio station I tend to listen, no doubt in the hope that Gibraltar would get a drubbing, but luckily their expectations were frustrated!

  9. ah ok played in linense from what I knew of Bateson … while I have not found another! others, unfortunately I have not found yet! I hope someone is still good!

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