GFA to appeal FIFA decision not to grant membership

The Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) today released a statement confirming that they are preparing a case for the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), after FIFA President Sepp Blatter declared that Gibraltar could not become a new member of world football’s governing body.

At its Executive Meeting this week, FIFA decided that Gibraltar could not join, due to not being an independent country. This is despite a number of national FA’s being a part of the organisation despite not being independent countries themselves.

As expected, the GFA will now take their case to the CAS, with the hope that the result goes the same way their UEFA membership eventually did in 2013.
The GFA did say: “Unfortunately this is a decision that, at this stage, the Gibraltar FA expected” so a case to be taken to CAS should hopefully be ready in the not too distant future. With the 2018 World Cup qualifying draw being held in St Petersburg on 25th July 2015, everyone in Gibraltar will no doubt hope to see their national team included in the draw.


One thought on “GFA to appeal FIFA decision not to grant membership

  1. Well, I would like to make two observations on this.
    1. Gibraltar had been considered for FIFA membership back in 1998, and judging by the countries listed it would appear that being an independent country wasn’t a requirement:

    2. New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France, was accepted for membership in 2004, even though by this stage the criteria was for independent countries. But – they were accepted as it wasn’t practical for them to play in French domestic football owing to the distances involved. I would have thought that this was also similar for Gibraltar. You can’t expect amateur Gibraltar teams to travel all the way to England to fulfil fixtures.

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