Further clarification on the Johnson/Gibraltar story

Earlier today, a story appeared on the Football League website about Oldham manager Lee Johnson claiming he was approached by an agent to represent Gibraltar against Poland in the qualifier.

The GFA since came out to deny the use of any agent to approach potential players, and Gibraltar Assistant Manager David Wilson has kindly got in contact to help clarify the situation further.

Wilson said: “At no time has the player/manager in question been considered by our technical team, and especially no one representing the national team or it’s association has been given permission to speak to a player other than myself or the gaffer (Allen Bula). We certainly would not be stupid enough to not easily research that a player was not playing football.”

He went on to say: “This has been a fraudulent approach by a fraud who 100% did not have our national teams interests at heart? Only personal gain!”

The story itself, while on the whole a bit bizarre, has bought to light the fact that there are agents out there claiming to represent the GFA, who are falsely offering players the chance to represent the national team. As well as this, there will also be agents from abroad who may approach Gibraltar players, especially the younger ones, offering them opportunities at professional sides in Europe or beyond. Not all of these agents are legitimate, and the fraudulent ones could easily leave a player and his family out of pocket.

I’m sure this is an issue that the clubs will make their players fully aware of, and stories such as the one today only help create awareness on the issue.


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