Gibraltar draw Germany, Republic of Ireland and Scotland in European Championship qualifiers

In Gibraltar’s first campaign as a full member of UEFA, Allen Bula’s team have drawn Germany, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Scotland and Georgia in Group D.


The draw, held in Nice, sees Gibraltar face the likes of Mesut Ozil, Robbie Keane, Robert Lewandowski, Steven Fletcher and Guram Kashia in their first campaign.


By drawing Scotland and Republic of Ireland, at least four of Gibraltar’s games are guaranteed to be on Sky Sports, with the rest also likely to be televised in Europe thanks to the ‘Week of Football’ concept.


Fixtures will be released later on today.


5 thoughts on “Gibraltar draw Germany, Republic of Ireland and Scotland in European Championship qualifiers

  1. Interesting! Obviously it will be difficult for the new UEFA! Hopefully able to do equally well even with a point and a goal scored that are the first targets to be achieved! Surely the game is more feasible in the “home” with the georgia but it will still be a firm!
    Too bad not having faced england would have been nice but there are 2 other British teams, scotland and ireland!

    This declaration of ct bula after today’s draw: It ‘been a very long road [the one that brought us here]. We’re finally here, it seems almost surreal, but now it is reality. One of my desires was fulfilled: we fished Germany. It ‘something fantastic for Gibraltar. “

  2. One more thing, but the new national gibraltar x is also recognized by the FIFA World Cup qualifiers also be able to play or not???? when you know something??

  3. Oh really? ok then I did not know about this thing! It will be just in time to participate and therefore also in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2018! Good thing!

  4. Gibraltar are likely to be overwhelmed by Germany but can have a bit of a chance against the other teams. Especially Scotland, who travel to Gibraltar in the final match, with possibly the pressure of needing a win to qualify.

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