New video and website made by GFA on Europa Point Stadium

This morning, a new video and website were produced for the upcoming Europa Point Stadium, set for completion in 2016.


The video, which is 13 minutes long, features interviews with members of the GFA, the national team, the team behind the architectural side of the stadium, and Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.  It also gives us brief glimpses as to what the stadium may look like, through clips where the designers of the ground are using modelling software to design the ground.


By the looks of things, the new ground will, as expected, have four stands instead of the two at the Victoria, much in line with most modern football grounds in Europe.  It will also contain restaurants, alongside other amenities to serve the community, and could host concerts ranging from the annual Jazz Festival to international music acts.  One potential use of the ground could be for the Gibraltar Music Festival, which in 2016 would be in its fifth year.  There are brief mentions of other sports perhaps being able to use the ground as well, which could potentially be a relief to sports such as cricket and rugby, whose facilities on the Rock are severely limited.


A new website is also in construction, and will likely be managed in a similar way to the Team 54 campaign website, which was used in the run up to the UEFA vote in May 2013.




2 thoughts on “New video and website made by GFA on Europa Point Stadium

  1. ok thank you very much ! keep us updated on the work of the new stadium with photos of the work while it is under construction! and maybe even if you discover new players be convened playing professionally abroad ! Who knows, maybe someone still does not pop out ! especially in England ! The coach bula still has some hope about or anything? ? ? any chance ? believe that the “new” squad for the upcoming friendlies are ! Will Britt of southampton included!

    With regard to transfers from abroad in the local league I think is a very positive thing x raise the level of the league, with some kind of rules due to not having any foreign field that would not help anything at all !

    If you can get 25 players of which at least 8 of Gibraltar is in line to the English premier league adopting these rules !

    About liam walker was found in a voice network is not saying go out on loan !

    Is there any site that shows the arrival of the full foreign players from gibraltar and the work of the new stadium ? I think it’s useful to be used in some way to other sports events and more ! Thank you very much ! I answered you here to the discussion in general about other topics un’po to everything!

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