2013/14 Rock Cup draw

The draw for the 2013/14 Rock Cup has been made, with 21 teams hoping to win the trophy.

The 20 teams from the two senior divisions, as well as a Gibraltar Under 15 select side, make up the teams for the draw, as the eight Premier Division sides, plus FC Olympique, FC Magpies and Leo Parrilla FC get byes to the second round.

The draw:
1st round:
Pegasus vs Britannia XI
Cannons vs Lions Pilots
Sporting Glacis vs Boca Juniors
Mons Calpe vs Red Imps
FC Hound Dogs vs Gibraltar U15 Select

2nd Round:
Pegasus/Britannia vs Olympique
Gib Phoenix vs Lions
Cannons/Lions Pilots vs FC Magpies
Lincoln vs St Joseph’s
Sporting/Boca Juniors vs College Europa
Glacis vs Leo Parrilla
Mons Calpe/Red Imps vs Lynx
Hound Dogs/Gibraltar U15 select vs Manchester 62


3 thoughts on “2013/14 Rock Cup draw

  1. Sorry guys if I write here …

    no one knows any of gibraltar in addition to these playing in a minor league also any foreign??

    other things are really started work on the stage at last? I can not find information anywhere on wikipedia just wrote that there should be x 2016 m would like to know if the work started really??

    thank you!

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