Gibraltar vs Slovakia game covered in the world press – also live on GBC tonight

Ahead of Gibraltar’s first international friendly since joining UEFA, against Slovakia in Faro, coverage on the event, as well as sub-stories such as former Stoke and Manchester United defender Danny Higginbotham making his international debut aged 34 has been notable worldwide.


Websites such as Sky Sports, BBC, The Telegraph and The Independent have stories on the matter, whilst on a more global scale, sites such as Reuters, Latino Post and even the South China Post being amongst the sites giving column inches to the story.


Locally, the game has received the expected coverage in the likes of the Chronicle, Panorama and YGTV.  However, the biggest coverage locally goes to GBC, who are showing the game live both on their TV channel, GBC HD, and online.  The program starts at around 7:25pm, five minutes before kick off in the Estadio do Algarve.


4 thoughts on “Gibraltar vs Slovakia game covered in the world press – also live on GBC tonight

  1. Watching our team play in Euriope for the first time has been one of the proudest moment of my life. I would however ask you to please do whatever is necessary to stop GBC and indeed supporters, from calling the team GFA. We are now playing in Europe a.n we should ensure our name GIBRALTAR rings out loud and clear.
    Thank you for taking us into Europe

    • I tthink the GFA should carry out a campaign to ensure that eveyone (including GBC) call our team GIBRALTAR. We are not playing locally against Cobined Services and our Gibraltar should sound loud and clear when we are playing in Europe, We have to grow up and realize that this is a different ball game.

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