Gibraltar U19 0-7 Cyprus U19

In the final game of the 2014 UEFA European Under 19 qualifiers, Gibraltar fell to a 7-0 defeat against Cyprus.


Two goals from Christos Djamas, alongside goals from Antreas Makris, Panayiotis Therapontos, Leandros Lillis, Giorgios Katsiati and Antreas Karo saw Cyprus rack up a big victory.  The last goal, a 95th minute effort from Djamas, was especially important as it saw Cyprus qualify from Group 1 at the expense of Croatia U19, who lost 3-0 to the Czech Republic in the other fixture.


Gibraltar held their own for notable parts of the games, and arguably could have had a penalty just before half time, with the score at 2-0.  However, tiredness set in on a team that has suffered a number of injuries over the course of the last few days, allowing Cyprus to score three goals in the last few minutes, which arguably flattered the Cypriots.


For the Under 19’s, they will now head back to Gibraltar, knowing that, despite the results, they will have made Gibraltar proud by simply competing on the international stage against three teams composed largely of professional footballers, something that only a couple of years ago would have been a pipedream.  These experiences will help them in the future, whether it be at club or international level.


The Under 17’s are next in action, as they are based in Armenia, in a group containing themselves, the hosts, England and Republic of Ireland.  Their first game is on Thursday against the Republic of Ireland, in Yerevan.


3 thoughts on “Gibraltar U19 0-7 Cyprus U19

    • I can only imagine that England and Ireland didn’t apply for it?

      Gibraltar couldn’t apply for hosting as they were only provisional at the time. Then again, UEFA likes giving the hosting rights to youth tournaments to nations that don’t get to host very often.

      For what it’s worth, Gibraltar had to travel to Malaga, get a flight to Paris and then a flight to Armenia. Took over a day I think to get there.

      • yeah I figured it would be a long haul to get the kids there, even with all the airports in Europe. A West/East split of the qualifying groups would save time for players and fans. but I suppose you are good enough to represent your country you are too giddy to care about long travel

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