Numerous matches in the pipeline for Gibraltar’s national sides

Ahead of the U19 and U17 national teams travelling to the Czech Republic and Armenia respectively, the GFA look to have organised a number of friendlies for the various national teams in Gibraltar.


The news, published on Your Gibraltar TV lists, amongst its matches, two friendlies for the men’s national team against Estonia.  The games, which have been rumoured in Estonian press for a while, are set for March 5th 2014 at the Victoria Stadium, and May 26th 2014 in Tallinn.


The women’s national team could potentially play host to a four team tournament in the summer.  UEFA has approached the GFA about having San Marino, Andorra and Liechtenstein bring their women’s teams over for the tournament, which would be a great boost for the local women’s game.


The national futsal team, who have already had competitive international experience in UEFA, look set to be heading to Poland, to play a four team tournament against the hosts, Turkey and Belarus.  This will take place between November 15-20 this year.


Whilst both the Under 19 and Under 17 teams are in Portugal for a training camp, the Under 19’s look set to take a detour to Bulgaria on their way to the Czech Republic, to face Bulgaria U19 in a friendly.  The Bulgarians, who are also in Under 19 qualifiers as they host Slovakia, Greece and Albania next month, will provide a strong warm up test for Gibraltar.


One thought on “Numerous matches in the pipeline for Gibraltar’s national sides

  1. Hopefully the women’s tournament will happen. The 4 countries mentioned (Gibraltar, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino) are actually the only 4 of UEFA’s 54 members who have not played official international matches – so if the tournament happened, it would mean all UEFA’s members had played women’s international matches. Gibraltar has some (not very good) pedigree (9-0, 8-0 and 5-0 defeats to Isle of Man, Greenland and Hitra respectively in 2011), while Liechtenstein is fairly new to the women’s game and Andorra and San Marino’s national teams benefit from regular league competition in Spain and Italy against club teams.

    To give some indication of the level of Gibraltar based on their 2011 results, Isle of Man (who beat Gibraltar 9-0) lost 6-0 to Faroe Islands in 2005. Faroe Islands are currently one of Europe’s bottom 7 or 8 teams. Isle of Man improved a bit between 2005 and 2011, so I’d estimate that Faroe Islands would beat Gibraltar around 10-0 unless they have improved since 2011. So, in short, they need to make up a lot of ground very quickly if they want to be competitive even at the lowest level.

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