Groups for this season’s Futsal League decided

*Thanks to the Gibraltar Futsal Facebook page for putting up the information


The two groups for this seasons Futsal League have been decided.


As this is the inaugural season, there is no division 1 or 2 as of yet.  Instead, two groups of 12 teams have been drawn out.  Each team plays the other teams in their group once, and after that the top six teams from each group goes into Division 1, whilst the bottom six go into Division 2.


Additionally, the draw for the Futsal Rock Cup has also been published.  An image of the draw can be found here


The groups are as follows:

Group A:

Gib Pheonix, Maccabi Open, Lynx FC, Lions Latino Beach, Cannons FC, Boca Juniors, Young Boys, Glacis United, Gib Scorpions FC, Gib Scorpions Revolution, St Joseph’s White, Leo Bastion FC


Group B:

Gibraltar Special Olympics, Lincoln, Lynx 55, Lions FC, St Joseph’s Blue, College Europa, Moroccan United, Lions Forza Cinque, St Joseph’s New Team, Manchester 62 FC, Maccabi Masters, Shamrock FC


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