Estadio do Algarve a potential temporary stadium for Euro 2016 qualifiers

The 30000 seater Estadio do Algarve is being lined up as a potential ‘temporary’ stadium for Gibraltar’s home Euro 2016 qualifiers, according to Portuguese press.


The stadium, located in Faro, was built for Euro 2004, and would only be used until the new stadium at Europa Point is built, due to Victoria Stadium not being of the standard needed to host qualifiers.


According to ‘Futebol365’ the cost of renting the ground in Faro will amount to 25000 euros per match.


The original article is here


2 thoughts on “Estadio do Algarve a potential temporary stadium for Euro 2016 qualifiers

  1. Surely playing in Faro is going to be as big a pain in the bum for people coming from Gibraltar as playing in Blighty would be?

    What’s that, four/four and a half hour’s drive each way? Plus whatever wait at the border Spain decides to impose (and if you were deciding Spanish border policy, wouldn’t you chuck a spanner in the works on days Gib are supposed to be playing?)!

    Wouldn’t you guys be better off playing at a ground either near one of the “London” airports flying to Gib or in London itself (where transport to and from the ground and airport are easy)? For example:

    Selhurst Park (26,000 cap. and belong to Crystal Palace) is pretty close to Gatwick.
    The New Den (20,000 cap. and belongs to Millwall) is in south-east London.
    Griffin Park (12,000 cap. and belongs to Brentford) is in west London.
    Brisbane Road (9,000 cap. and belongs to Leyton Orient) is in south London.

    My thoughts are:

    1.. With a bit of good marketing (like the Danny Higginbotham story that’s been going round), and some thought going into the pricing and scheduling (so as not to clash with England matches), it’s possible that you might get a load of Brits going to the matches. Remember, the Brits love an underdog and to have a classic underdog story, involving a part of Britain, against foreigners, in Britain…. Well, it’s the perfect storm!

    This could have the both a long- and short-term effect:

    2. Short-term – you could boost the attendance figures (and, therefore, the gate receipts) and create a much, more intimidating atmosphere (and, hopefully, increasing the odds of a decent result). You might even find your chances of getting the matches televised in Britain increase. As mentioned above, the Brits love an underdog, which is why so many cup matches get shown when a bigger team faces an smaller team at the smaller team’s ground. Any of the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Sky and BT Sport might fancy a bit of Gibraltar vs Holland if it were played in Britain!

    3. Long-term – you could create a better bond between Britain and Gibraltar. Lots of British Gibraltar supporters, shirt sales, trips to Gibraltar when the Europa eventually opens….

    4. I would definitely go to all the Friday matches! And I would bring as many people as I could to the match (including a mate of mine who doesn’t really give tuppence ha’penny about football but who was born in Gib in the sixties!)!

    Going to the Estadio de Algarve is, in my opinion, not the right choice – it’s too big (if there will be not many locals going to the matches), it’s too far (in terms of time to get there and back), and it has no affinity with Gibraltar. To my mind, there are no real benefits to going there!

    Hopefully, the Gib FA have thought of all this already and are going down the Faro route because it genuinely is the best option. However, if they haven’t, I would encourage them to at least talk with the British TV companies about possibilities and options!

  2. Hi,

    A lot of very good points you have made there.

    Faro might not seem the most sensible option, especially compared to some of the grounds near major UK airports who fly to Gib, but technically it is the closest stadium in Europe that isn’t in Spain.

    As far as travelling, I’d hope someone would have the business sense to lay on ferries or flights to Faro. Not only would it cut out the issues of border queues, they’d make a tidy sum of money. Alternatively, the GFA might look into laying on subsidised travel to and from the game.

    Playing in the UK would probably see an increase in ‘neutral’ attendance for the games when Gib are playing, and it would likely make for a better atmosphere. Hopefully locals in Faro can be attracted by the prospect of international football (drawing Portugal in the qualifiers wouldn’t hurt from that perspective). Reasonable ticket prices would help in that regard.

    I’d imagine finances were also taken into account when looking for a temporary ground. Maybe the ground at Faro was the best economic choice for the GFA.

    I presume the GFA did consider English grounds when looking at a ground, but I should hope that they’ve picked Faro as it was genuinely the best option available. Hopefully the new stadium will be built in time too and there won’t be too many ‘home’ games played abroad.

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