UEFA to decide on Gibraltar’s European allocations this month

UEFA, at their Executive Committee in Croatia on the 19th and 20th September, will decide how many qualification berths will be given to Gibraltarian teams in next seasons Champions League and Europa League.

One of several items on UEFA’s agenda, the allocation of places to Gibraltar will give clubs an idea of where they have to finish if they want to stand of chance of playing in Europe next season.

At most, Gibraltar will get one Champions League spot, and two Europa League spots, in line with other smaller nations such as San Marino and Andorra. Those teams would enter at the first qualifying round of their respective competitions.

The one Champions League spot would be allocated to this season’s Premier Division winner, whilst the two Europa League spots could either be allocated to the second and third place Premier Division teams, or the second placed Premier Division team and the Rock Cup winner.

If the Rock Cup winner is already qualified for Europe due to league position, the place would go back to the third place team, or the runner up of the Rock Cup (the GFA choose how Europa League spots are allocated)

All qualifying clubs would have to achieve a UEFA license before being allowed to compete in the Champions or Europa League. Failure to do so would lead to qualifying spots being given to the next highest ranking team with such a license.


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