Potential opponents for an October friendly

The past few days has seen numerous articles discussing Gibraltar looking for a potential October friendly, their first in the 11-a-side game since joining UEFA back in May.

This will most likely have come from a tweet from national manager Allen Bula, who noted that he was hoping one of the five nations who only have one October qualifier may accept a friendly.

The friendly date could be between October 11-15, and Scotland, Belarus, Georgia, France and Finland are the five nations Bula is presumably referring to.

However, Belarus are already booked up for a friendly against Japan, meaning that there are currently only four nations available.

Serbia also have one qualifier, but they’ve already arranged a friendly, also against Japan, so they are unavailable to play against.

The friendly would most likely be played away from home, or at a neutral venue, due to the limitations of the Victoria Stadium, especially if Scotland were to agree to a friendly match.

2014 should see Gibraltar arrange a number of friendlies, as more nations will be free on dates to face Gibraltar in matches.

Whoever agrees to a friendly, if the GFA can get a team at relatively short notice to play Gibraltar, will give Gibraltar a stronger test than anything they have come up against as a national team. It will be an exciting occasion in the history of Gibraltarian football, and one that, regardless of the result, won’t be forgotten quickly.


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