‘Gibraltar XI’ team for Hibernian game selected

*Thanks to national manager Allen Bula for posting the squad online


A 25 man squad has been selected for Gibraltar’s first senior friendly of the summer, against Scottish Premier League side Hibernian.


The following are available to play against Hibs, who are also playing Nottingham Forest in Portugal as part of their preparation for the forthcoming season, which will include an Europa League campaign:


Goalkeepers ;
Jamie Robba, Liam Neale, Dayle Coeling

Roy Chipolina, Kailan Perez, Joseph Chipolina, Jean Carlos Garcia, Ryan Casciaro,
Justin Rovegno, Mark Ballester, Alain Pons

Aaron Payas, Liam Clarke, Robert Guilling,Daniel Duarte, Tyson Ruiz, Jack Sergeant, 
Wayne Asquez, Anthony Hernandez,Pitu

John Paul Duarte, Nathan Santos, George Cabrera,Jeremy Lopez, Al Greene


The squad is a healthy mix of experienced national players, as well as fringe players and youngster looking to make the step up to being regulars for the national team.


The team are currently training six days a week in anticipation of both this game, the Charlton game on the 10th July, and any future challenges that may be presented to them.


One thought on “‘Gibraltar XI’ team for Hibernian game selected

  1. Any way you could add their teams? I’m very interested in the squad but it’s too much work for me to check every player’s team individually…

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