Spanish media suggests that Gibraltar – Cuba match was cancelled due to Spanish government pressure

An article in Diario de Cadiz strongly suggests that the Gibraltar – Cuba match, which was scheduled to be played in Marbella, was cancelled as a result of pressure from the Spanish government, and not economic issues as previously believed.


The article, which follows a tweet from national manager Allen Bula, which said that new changes in relations to friendlies in Spain was the reason behind the cancellation, would strongly suggest that it was in fact government pressure that forced the owners of the Marbella Football Center to cancel the match, which would have served as both Gibraltar’s first match since gaining UEFA membership, and for Cuba ideal preparation before the Under 20 World Cup in Turkey.


The news, whilst disappointing if true, can not be seen as too surprising, as it was expected that Spain would not take kindly to Gibraltar playing friendlies in its country.  The game was attempted to be moved to Gibraltar, but Cuba’s visa limitations stopped this idea from happening.


As for Gibraltar, they won’t have to wait long for their first UEFA games, as the Under 16’s are in Albania ahead of their development tournament.  Gibraltar have a rest day today, and their first game is tomorrow.


One thought on “Spanish media suggests that Gibraltar – Cuba match was cancelled due to Spanish government pressure

  1. I don’t know if anyone saw the Spain v Tahiti match from the Confederations Cup yesterday but it was a brilliant example of a minnow nation really trying to take the game to a far superior team.

    San Marino and Andorra particularly are notorious for just accepting that they’ve lost the game and trying to limit the number of goals against but Tahiti won a lot of fans by, basically, just constantly trying to score a goal. Okay, they took a tonking but, with a bit more luck, they could have scored at least a goal and how great would that have been?!

    Gibraltar are largely in the same boat as San Marino, Andorra, the Faroes, Scotland (arf, arf!), etc, and, in my opinion, would do really well to not go down the “let’s keep it respectable, lads” route. Screw that! Go for it! Give it a proper go – you’ll have a much better time getting whupped 7-1 with wave after wave of attacking football and huge defensive errors than parking the bus and getting beaten 2-0! Plus, you’ll have the world and his wife loving the arse out of Gibraltar, just like the Brazilians in the stadium yesterday! As an Englander, the visit of San Marino last year could’ve been a lot of fun but they stunk the place out – like Scotland when they played their 4-6-0 formation against the Czechs. If you’re going to lose (and Gib are going to lose a lot!), do it Churchillian-stylee – flick ’em the ‘V’ and go down swinging!

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