Premier Division to expand to eight teams for 2013/14 season

After College Cosmos won the Gibraltar Second Division, the GFA officially confirmed what was suspected for a while; next season’s Premier Division will contest eight teams.


Alongside College, Gib Phoenix will also enjoy promotion to the top division, whilst Glacis will get the reprieve of not being relegated this season.


The expansion to eight teams is to meet UEFA criteria, which states any Premier Division must contain at least seven members.  Nothing has been confirmed on the number of Second Division or Reserve Division teams that will compete next season, as the GFA will be waiting to see whether new teams join the league structure, or existing teams choose not to participate next season.


8 thoughts on “Premier Division to expand to eight teams for 2013/14 season

  1. Can we expect new teams to join the leagues or perhaps even former clubs rejoining in the future? If so are there any muted thus far?

    • Yes, I’d expected that new clubs will join the league system, and perhaps a couple of the smaller teams may leave or rename their teams.

      If enough new teams do join, I’d expect the third division would be reformed to accommodate them.

      • Can’t think of any renames at the moment, but think two potential new teams could be Mons Calpe and Gibraltar Scorpions.

        Seen those two new teams names going around Facebook advertising for new players/coaches.

  2. Good afternoon,

    I’m following all the European football competitions, and since this season also the Gibraltar Premier Division. However, there is little information known about the clubs. I Hope you can help me with some questions I have:
    Did College Cosmos changed its name to College Europe?
    Do you know the foundation years of all eight clubs in the league?
    Is the official name Gib Phoenix FC or Gibraltar Phoenix FC?

    I hope you can answer all my questions 🙂


    • Hi,

      College Europa is indeed the old College Cosmos, whilst the full name would be Gibraltar Phoenix FC.

      As for foundation years, these are the ones I can remember:
      Manchester 62 FC = 1962
      Glacis Unted FC = 1965
      Lincoln = 1970’s
      Lynx FC = 2000’s
      St Joseph’s = Earlier than 1979, not sure on exact year
      Lions Gibraltar = 1960’s
      Gib Phoenix = 2000’s

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