GBC and Radio Gibraltar airing number of shows on ‘UEFA week’

With the UEFA Congress in London, which decides on whether Gibraltar becomes the organisations 54th member being this week, both GBC and Radio Gibraltar are airing shows dedicated to both the journey, and the eventual decision on Friday.


On Wednesday 22nd, GBC are airing a show on the history of the GFA, at 9pm.  The following evening, GBC’s Viewpoint show will look at the GFA’s campaign and journey in trying to secure UEFA membership, from 9:30pm


On the day of the decision, Friday 24th, Radio Gibraltar will be airing its Lunchtime show from Champions Planet from 1pm, where presenter James Neish will be bringing the latest news on whether Gibraltar has been successful in its bid to join UEFA.


GBC can be watched online here, whilst Radio Gibraltar can be listened to here, as well as most radio applications on smartphones.


4 thoughts on “GBC and Radio Gibraltar airing number of shows on ‘UEFA week’

  1. Interesting programme yesterday on GBC about the history of the GFA. I’ve been to Gib a couple of times but hadn’t realised quite how many people have a very Spanish sounding accent! Which is the first language of most people living in Gibraltar? I had assumed it would be English but, from the accents, I would guess not. There was even one chap, who had a very English sounding name, who either couldn’t speak English or had chosen to speak Spanish (or something like Spanish)!

    Also, what’s the situation if things don’t go Gib’s way tomorrow? It’s sounded strange to me all the way through this process that, even after the CAS ruling, UEFA would still have to vote to allow Gibraltar to become a member. Presumably CAS rulings are binding in some way, otherwise why have CAS?! But what can CAS do? It can’t fine UEFA, can it?

  2. The first language in Gibraltar is English, although with some of the older generation, they are either more fluent, or more comfortable in speaking Spanish.

    Regarding CAS, you’d hope that their decision would be binding, although it would not be entirely shocking for UEFA to go against the ruling. Doubt CAS could do much to UEFA apart from rule in favour of Gibraltar again, and go back to step one. Hopefully tomorrow’s vote doesn’t bring up any of those issues.

  3. Fingers crossed! I’ve just signed up to Twitter and it looks like anything with any reference to Gibraltar is going crazy. It’s a really exciting time – reminds me of the first couple of days of any World Cup – you know, before England have actually played a game and while the sense of having a common cause has faded! Good luck guys!

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