Faroe Islands state their support for Gibraltar’s UEFA bid

In an interview on Faroese radio station Ras 2, Faroe Islands FA General Secretary,Virgar Hvidbro, stated that the Faroe Islands will vote for Gibraltar to join UEFA at the Ordinary Congress on 24th May,


The Faroe Islands have a good relationship with Gibraltar, which helped secure the 2011 friendly between the two nations, where Gibraltar won 3-0 on a night where what can only be described as monsoon rain hit the Victoria Stadium.


The comments are notable as they were in a general interview on local video, and not in an interview with Gibraltarian press, where the cynical viewpoint of ‘saying what the viewer wants to hear’ would play a part in comments made.


Nevertheless, it is nice to see a member nation of UEFA publicly state their desire for Gibraltar to become Team 54 of UEFA.


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