Team 54: Backing Gibraltar’s UEFA bid

May 24th 2013 is arguably the most important day in the long history of Gibraltarian football so far.  UEFA’s Ordinary Congress meet in London, England, to decide, amongst other things, whether Gibraltar are accepted as the 54th member of their vast footballing family.

Most people who follow Gibraltarian football will already be aware of what Team 54 has done so far, but for those that don’t, checking out the Team 54 website is as good a place to start as any.  The site has a number of images and videos to show the footballing world just what Gibraltar would bring to the UEFA table if they are to be accepted.  The website also has functioning Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French and German websites, allowing visitors from a number of countries to be able to read what Team 54 is all about.

Social networking is an important aspect of any football team or nation, and Team 54 are no different.  They have a Twitter page which gives you the information and links you need in 140 characters or less.  Additionally, their Facebook page allows fans to join in the discussion, as well as utilising the apps section to look at both the men’s and women’s national teams, amongst other features.

A Youtube page is also available, where you can watch the videos made by Maverick and the GFA, and share them easily around the internet.

The GFA have put in an exceptional amount of good work since Gibraltar were made provisional members, clocking up substantial air miles to travel to almost every country in Europe explaining the bid and in some cases who Gibraltar are, as well as what they will bring to the footballing table.  This work lead to the recent Under 19 match against Republic of Ireland; the 1-0 defeat a small taster of what will be regular doses of high class football coming to the Rock if the GFA are accepted by the 53 other UEFA nations.

Gibraltar’s UEFA membership can be seen as being long overdue, and Team 54 is going some way to helping Gibraltar get the ‘golden ticket’ into the European footballing scene.


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