Gibraltar Futsal team lose 10-2 to Montenegro in UEFA debut

Joseph Chipolina scored Gibraltar’s first ever goal in a UEFA competition, but the GFA could not provide an upset as they went down 10-2 to a vastly more experienced Montenegro side.


Montenegro, whose side consisted entirely of players from their 6 team futsal division, showed their experience as they unsurprisingly had the best of the encounter.


Goals from Zekovic, Bajovic (x2), Draskovic (x2), Perovic, Mugosa (x2) and Barovic (x2) gave the Montengrins a comfortable victory, although Chipolina’s goal, alongside a goal for striker Lee Casciaro meant that Gibraltar at least had something to show from their first encounter.


Whilst the defeat may seem heavy, it is important to note the natural difference between players who are specialised in futsal, and those who are more used to the 11-a-side game. The differences between the two games are massive, and as such the defeat is understandable.


Next up for Gibraltar is a game against hosts France tomorrow, at 8pm.


3 thoughts on “Gibraltar Futsal team lose 10-2 to Montenegro in UEFA debut

  1. Doesn’t Gibraltar have its own Futsal League instead of selecting football players to play futsal?

    There was a team “Gibraltar Futsal League” who took part in the British Isles Futsal Cup in 2002 (I believe they won the tournament, playing against Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Tranmere Victoria of England). What happened to that league?

    • The Gibraltar futsal league was disbanded several years ago, presumably due to a lack of numbers. SInce then, the only real futsal played in Gib is the annual May Day youth cup.

      Hopefully a new futsal league is set up off the back of this competition though.

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