UEFA admit Gibraltar as provisional members

In a UEFA executive committee, held in St Petersburg, Russia, Gibraltar were officially confirmed as being provisional members of the currently 53 strong association.


The final decision on actual membership will be decided in London, during the XXXVII UEFA Ordinary Congress, in May 2013.


Whilst there is obviously still a long way to go until the decision is made, and the RFEF, backed by the financially ailing Spanish government, will pursue any legal measure to try and influence the decision, this confirmation today is nevertheless very good news for the GFA.


6 thoughts on “UEFA admit Gibraltar as provisional members

  1. Out of curiosity, where do you think a full membership in UEFA would leave the Gibraltarian league system? Surely a top flight of just 6 teams would not be seen as favourable by UEFA, especially when you consider just how unbalance the two divisions are. Do you feel the league system will undergo any changes or see new clubs joining
    the system?

    • I personally feel that the league will be expanded, possibly to 10 teams. There were talks of expanding the league before this season, but it didn’t happen in the end. A top division of 10 teams, and a second division of around 9 should work adequately.

  2. When will the league kick off this season? And can we expect anyone to challenge Lincoln finally?

    Also I was wondering if you knew of any good resources, sites or whatever else as to where I could find kit information and logos for all the Gibraltarian league clubs?

    • The league season is still TBC it seems. However, when it starts, it is unlikely anyone will properly challenge Lincoln.

      As far as kit and badges online go, I’ve been looking myself for a while, to no avail though.

  3. I read on the GFA site that the league has been postponed whilst a new pitch is relayed at The Victoria Stadium, will the new surface be a grass pitch or just an updated synthetic turf?

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