Gibraltar to host Portsmouth in July

The GFA have confirmed that they will face professional English side Portsmouth FC on Friday 20th July, with an 8pm kick off.

The friendly comes 3 weeks after Gibraltar hold the International Challenge Shield, and forms a big part of Gibraltar’s summer of football. The GFA are covering the costs of Portsmouth to come over, as they have done for previous English sides such as Bury and Rochdale.

Details on pricing should be available closer to the date, but will likely be around £10-£15 a ticket.

Edit* The news is confirmed on the national team’s revamped website,

They also have a new twitter account, @gibraltarnft


2 thoughts on “Gibraltar to host Portsmouth in July

  1. Can you please confirm that the Portsmouth game will be at the Victoria Stadium in Gibraltar? I intend travelling and I believe that some of my fellow Pompey fans will also be flying out.

    • I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t. The only game that was booked recently outside the Victoria was against Cardiff (who cancelled the game soon after it was announced).

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