Gibraltar accepted as provisional UEFA members

In a positive move for Gibraltar’s aim to become a fully fledged member of UEFA, a roadmap for Gibraltar’s progression into UEFA was today accepted.


In an article on the UEFA website, they mention that “The request for membership by Gibraltar was discussed, and a road map which includes financial and educational support from UEFA was agreed. This road map will run until the Ordinary UEFA Congress in 2013, when member associations will vote on the request for admission.”  The aforementioned UEFA congress is set to be held in London in May 2013, in the days before the 2013 UEFA Champions League final is held at Wembley Stadium.


It is important to note that the GFA have only received a provisional membership, and that they would need the support of other UEFA member states to gain full membership.  The staunch stance of the RFEF regarding Gibraltar will also be a major stumbling block to Gibraltar’s aim.  Nevertheless, even if the GFA were to not become full UEFA members, they will still benefit from this roadmap plan, which includes financial and educational support for local football, and could help them massively in the long term.


A joint statement from the GFA and UEFA should be published in the coming days, and a statement from the RFEF should also be expected in the near future.


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