Festival Cup squad – normal captain taking international break

The following 20 players have been selected by Gibraltar manager Allen Bula for the upcoming Festival Cup, starting Wednesday:

Jordan Perez (Man Utd Gib)
Jamie Robba (Lincoln)

Ryan Casciaro (Lincoln)
Roy Chipolina (Lincoln)
Tarim Chrayeh (Lincoln)
Mark Casciaro (Lincoln)
Brendan Perez (Glacis AFC)
Joseph Chipol (Glacis AFC)
Jason Pusey (unattached, once of Atletico Madrid’s C team in the 2007/08 season)

Aaron Payas (Glacis AFC)
Robert Guilling (Lincoln)
Joseph Chipolina (CD San Roque, recently signed from Linense)
Liam Walker (CD San Roque)
Wayne Asquez (Man Utd Gib)
Ian Rodriguez (Lynx FC)

Lee Casciaro (Lincoln)
Al Greene (Glacis AFC)
George Cabreras (Algeciras)*
Gareth Lopez (Man Utd Gib)
Jeremy Lopez (Man Utd Gib)

* George Cabreras has a slight injury, and is waiting for results to come on to see if Algeciras deem him fit enough to play.

Lincoln expectedly dominate in call ups, with 7 of the 20 players at the champions. It is good to see 4 players who are, or have plied their trade in Spain, adding a more professional strength to the team. Also notable is Lynx’s Ian Rodriguez getting a maiden call up. Him, alongside Ryan and Mark Casciaro, have just returned to Gib after representing Gib in hockey.

The notable absentee is captain Daniel Duarte, who has decided to take a break from the international game for currently unknown reasons. It is thought he may be available for selection next year.


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