Premier Division over – Lincoln champions once again

The Premier Division finally concluded this Monday (9th May) after Lincoln completed the last of their two games in hand with a comfortable 3-0 win over Gib United.  This meant that they won the league by a very comfortable 16 points, showing their dominance once again in the local game.

The final table is as follows:

Team P W L D F A PTS
1 Lincoln FC 20 16 0 4 72 22 52
2 Glacis FC 20 10 4 6 36 32 36
3 Man Utd 20 8 9 3 34 31 27
4 Gib Utd 20 7 11 2 31 40 23
5 St Joseph’s FC 20 6 10 4 27 43 22
6 Lynx FC 20 3 16 1 18 50 10

All that is left to conclude this season is the Second Divison, where the fight for promotion is tight, and it could be either SJ Athletic or Britannia who could go up (Gib Pilots can’t go up due to being a ‘B’ side of Gib United).  The updated table is to your right on the blog.  The Rock Cup final is also to be concluded, with Lincoln expected to win that trophy too against Glacis United.

After the season ends, attention will turn to the national side, who go to the Isle of Wight for the 2011 Island Games football.  Both men’s and women’s teams will go from Gib (the women in their debut attempt) with an eye for success.


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