Lincoln crowned Premier Division champions for 9th time in a row

It has been coming, but over the weekend, Lincoln were crowned Premier League champions for a record equalling 9th time in a row.  They beat second placed Glacis FC, who also hold this record, 7-1, in an incredibly one-sided fixture to secure the title, with 3 games left for them.


It was predictable, despite the fact that Glacis strengthened their squad, especially after the folding of former Premier side PWC Laguna, that Lincoln would win the league, especially considering their strength compared to the other teams.  Unless someone else comes in with some sort of backing, it seems like Lincoln will dominate for a while to come, which understandably is not good for the competitiveness of the top level of the local game.  Nevertheless, they have done good work in integrating younger players this season, which will benefit the senior team in the long run.


Also in the Premier Division, Lynx are theoretically relegated as well.  However, whether they go down or not remains to be seen, depending on how the GFA wish to organise next seasons leagues.


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