Gibraltar cruise to surprising 3-0 win over the Faroe Islands

In a shock result in front of just over 1000 fans, Gibraltar worked their way to a 3-0 victory against the Faroe Islands, with two goals in added time securing an important win for Gibraltar.


In the pouring rain (which severely affected my vision of events, seeing as I wear glasses and couldn’t get under cover), the first half was a largely uneventful affair, as both teams had few chances, whilst both keepers were noticing the effects of the weather, as plenty of goal kicks were going out for throws in their own halves.


The best chances felt to both teams.  Jóan Símun Edmundsson, the teenager who is at Newcastle United, had a good chance to make it 1-0, but his shot was well saved.  Edmundsson only played the first half, but was lively during it, using his skill to show his class on the pitch.  Gibraltar’s only real chance of the first half was a shot that went just over the crossbar.


Despite the pouring weather, the fans were making a good time, especially the few (such as myself) stuck in the pouring rain.  There was a variety of chants, ranging from the funny in the case of the various references to Gibraltar playing like Accrington Stanley, to the bad, in the case of the ‘who we are? where we come from? chant, which isn’t very effective when the home teams fans chant it, to the downright random, which included a chant for James Campbell, of whom I have little idea who he is.


As the second half started, the wind and rain ensued, and with lighting picking up, there was a threat that the game could be abandoned.  Thankfully, this wasn’t the case, and with both teams making a couple of substitutions, the second half was arguably better than the first half.  The Faroese were getting closer and closer to a goal, whilst Gibraltar were starting to find their feet with a decent 5 minute spell midway through the second half.


And it was during this spell that the opening goal was scored, in somewhat controversial circumstances.  Gibraltar had won a free kick just outside the box, and before anyone had noticed, the ball was in the back of the net.  The referee gave the free kick despite the fact the Faroese were still adjusting their wall, and he hadn’t blown his whistle, so a very quick free kick gave Gibraltar the lead.


After that, Gibraltar took a back seat, trying to kill off the final twenty minutes of the game, using numerous substitutes as the rain just got heavier and heavier (I eventually took off my glasses and could only see shirts, not numbers).  However, as the games end approached, Gibraltar wrapped up proceedings with two added time goals.


The second came from a header, from a corner, as one of the substitutes made an instant impact just minutes after entering the pitch.  The third goal was the result of a fine team move, which ended up in a slick goal from close range.


In truth, the result flattered Gibraltar, as the Faroes were impressive, and the third goal was probably a sucker punch.  However, you can’t take anyway anything from Gibraltar, and it was probably for the best that the dodgy refereeing decision gave the only goal of the game.  In fact, apart from that, and an odd back pass decision in favour of Gibraltar, the referee and his assistants had a good game, signalling improvements in the local refereeing system.  The result was like an FA Cup replay; in the evening on a week day, in the pouring rain at a small stadium, as the home team surprised the bigger away opposition.


Result: Gibraltar 3-0 Faroe Islands


69 min

90 min

92 min

Attendance: >1000


4 thoughts on “Gibraltar cruise to surprising 3-0 win over the Faroe Islands

    • Not too certain as no lineups were given, but I know that goals 2 and 3 were scored by numbers 12 and 14. The 1st goal was possibly by number 6, very hard to tell when I had to take off my glasses to see. Once names come out I’ll reply.

      • First goal by Aaron Payas, Faroes made a rooky mistake by setting up the wall without asking the referee to set out the distance, smart move by Pallas, lovely goal.

        Second Goal was scored by young prodigy Anthony Hernandez, and well out of the stopage time, perhaps the rain was affecting your timekeeping as well as your eyesight.

        Third goal was scored my Roy Chipolina, wonderful move from inside their own Half, Gibraltar exchanged a couple of one two’s and it was Chipolina himself who started the play from the backline and managed to finish himself after a cross from the side with a prolific strike!

        The Faroes were dissapointing and shouuld have been able to capitalise on the weather conditions as these adverse weather conditions are more common in the Faroes than in the Mediteranean. Gibraltar proved too strong for the UEFA recognised team. Who did manage to have more posession in the first half but did not manage to break throught the Gib defence, all credit to the Gib Players and manager Allan Bulla who produced a historic result for the team.

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