Results 8-13 February + women’s team in Island Games

The following are results for the dates of the 8th Febuary to the 13th February
Senior Mens Premier Division:

Lincoln 3-1 Gib United

Lynx 0-4 Man Utd

St Josephs play Glacis tonight at the Victoria Stadium.


Senior Mens Second Division:

Chelsea 4-1 Red Imps

Pegasus 0-3 SJ Athletic

Llanito World 4-1 Cannons


Senior Mens Reserve League:

Chelsea Res. 1-5 Lions Res.

Lincoln Res. 4-2 Lynx Res.
The GFA website is currently missing results for the following:


Second Division:

Lions vs SJ Athletic

Senior Ladies Premier Division

St Josephs vs Man Utd

Gib Utd vs Lions


Tables have been updated accordingly.
The only other news of note would be the representation of Gibraltar in the womens football event at the upcoming Island Games.  The fledgling league has been going on for around 2 years, and the GFA have decided to send a team to play in the womens game, as well as the mens.  Expectations will be low of the girls, but it shall be a good learning experience nonetheless.  The games run from the opening ceremony on the 25th of June to the closing ceremony on the 1st of July, in the Isle of Wight.


The following is the current football schedule, for both mens and women’s events:

Sunday 26th June Group Matches
Monday 27th June Group Matches
Tuesday 28th June Group Matches
Wednesday 29th June Rest Day
Thursday 30th June Semi Finals and Play Off Matches
Friday 1st July Mens and Ladies Finals

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