Results 1st February to 7th February

The following are results from the fixtures played in the days of the 1st February to the 7th February

Mens Senior Division:
Man Utd 2-2 St Josephs
Glacis 2-2 Lincoln (not 0-0 as the GFA website incorrectly states)

Mens Second Division:
Pegasus 0-3 Lions FC
Sporting 1-2 Britannia
Gib Pilots 5-1 Pegasus

Mens Reserve Division
Lions Res. 0-0 Lynx Res.
Lincoln Res. 0-0 Gib Utd Res.

Ladies Premier Division
Man Utd 1-0 Gib Utd
Lions 0-6 St Josephs

Tables to be updated once I can get the site to work properly (currently publishing on my ipod touch). There is little change though, although two teams are now on 22 points in the ladies premier division (Gib Utd and Man Utd), and Lincoln missed the chance to go 8 points clear in the Premier with a game in hand.


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