22/12/10 Sports Report Notes

Back after a 1 week hiatus due to GBC Open Day, is the Sports Report.


Here is a summary of football related events on the show:


football nominations in Gibraltar Sports Personality of the Year

Lee Casciaro (Lincoln/Gibraltar)

senior team
lincoln fc
gfa national squad

highlights of licoln 4-4 Glacis from other week on the game, plus brief showing of this weekends conditions including torrential rain which postponed two of three games

lincoln 21
glacis 19
gib united 16
manchester united  11
st josephs 10
lynx  1

(Glacis and St Josephs played 10 games, the rest played 9)

Lincoln now hold a 2 point gap with a game in hand as Gibraltar has its winter break in the football, handy considering the torrential rain likely to occur before the season kicks of again in January.


Link to Sports Report: http://www.gbc.gi/television/tv-player.php?programme=69&episode=2693




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