Rough 8-12-10 sports report notes

Rough Sports report notes

7-1 Lincoln against Lynx

Lee Casciaro Lincoln
Pen Lincoln Roy chipolina 8th season goal
Pen Lincoln sean duarte
Lee muscat Lincoln
Lee muscat Lincoln
Mikey yome Lincoln

20 15 13 10 8 1

Li gl gi sj mu lx

Talent here, raw talent
Develop players for further heights in ftbl

Allen coach since feb 09

No worries on conflict combine both jobs

Designed own development plan

Gib academy in pipeline

Training players to make better squad in future

Over 1k players on gib, 1/27th of population

Need money/facilities to do academy, but needs improvements

Poor facilities, would like to improve a lot

Was at Kosice for 7 years before moving to Gib

I’ll run over a bit more detailed coverage with full table tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Rough 8-12-10 sports report notes

  1. The GFA have been promising a new web site for three years.
    The GFA are a complete and utter shambles and the lot of them should resign now.
    They make FIFA look like a bunch of choir boys.
    Gibraltar football will never be taken seriously.

  2. Agreed. It isn’t awfully hard to design a website, or at the very least keep it updated in terms of results. Thankfully GBC and especially the Gibraltar Chronicle do a decent job in covering results/ some highlights on Sports Report.

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