Recap of Wednesday’s sports report – highlights, interview with Bula and indication to potential new opponents

Sports report notes
r casciaro chipolina santos k casciaro
duarte (capt)
Payas anes guilling
b perez
l casciaro
(played 4-1-3-1-1 allegedly, looked more like 4-5-1 at times)
aron payas goalscorer for gib, not r casciaro

l casciaro with goal line clearance in 87 min

interview with bula highlights:used reserves first half, first team second half

finding step up not too difficult

aims to play teams in higher divisions than segunda b

probably a spanish team next game

january/february when eastern european teams come over

shamrock rovers might come over in January.

5 minute package on junior leagues

Senior League recap:

Gib Utd move top of first division with 2-0 win over St Josephs

Lincoln beat Lynx 1-0 (From start to around 8 minutes for international football, 13 minutes to 18 minutes for junior football, 22 minutes for senior league roundup.  Apologies for poor quality of the stream)


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