Gibraltar and Estepona play out dull draw

Gibraltar and Estepona played out a 1-1 draw last night at the Victoria Stadium.  In front of a crowd of just over 400 people, both sides were set out in a negative 5-4-1 formation, and both sides played to their capabilities, with two goals in 7 minutes being the only action in an otherwise eventless game.

Given the lack of any official team sheet for either side, the only real noticeable absentee was Al Greene, even when he was picked for the national team.  The game started off tentatively, with all the feelings of a midweek friendly to it.  Estepona used two separate elevens in the game, to get as many players as possible match fitness, clearly the only intention for them to play the game.  The game finally got a spark in the 29th minute, as a well worked play by Estepona saw their number 8 score calmly past Gibraltar’s keeper, Jordan Perez.

This kicked Gibraltar into a brief spell of life, and 7 minutes later, Lee Casciaro was taken down by the Estepona keeper, and his brother Lee stepped up to take the penalty, sending the keeper (who was booked for the offence that led to the penalty) the wrong way.  As the half neared an end, the tempo raised, and all signs pointed to an interesting second half.

Unfortunately, this was not the case, and a second string XI for Estepona, as well as an unchanged Gibraltar, kept to a 5-4-1, which led to much frustration amongst locals when balls were booted up field when there wasn’t a white shirt in sight.  Gibraltar made a couple of changes as the half wore on (there were no youngsters used in the game, a shame as it would have been the perfect opportunity to blood in some kids), and as the cross winds picked up, due to the stadium’s location next to the runway, the game petered out.  A late chance for Estepona went begging, and eventually the referee blew up the game, after about four minutes of added time, which came out of nowhere, and the game ended.

Final score: Gibraltar 1-1 Estepona

Goalscorers: Lee Casciaro, Estepona No.8 (sorry on lack of info regarding Estepona goalscorer, no team sheet plus no other info online means that there is no info on the goalscorer)

Attendance: >400

For an album of excellent pictures of the game (and the other games from previous months), go to the flickr page of David Parody, the official team photographer:

GFA V Los Barrios

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