A small piece regarding what happened to PWC Laguna

It has been revealed that PWC Laguna have in fact folded before this season, but that Glacis AFC have taken in their players, meaning that Glacis have strengthened any chances (albeit possibly small) of stopping Lincoln from breaking a record held by Glacis for consecutive titles, currently at 8.

College Cosmos have also folded for this season, hence the drop to 6 teams in the 1st division this year.  My previous league list was correct, bar the lack of inclusion of Cannons FC, who for some reason weren’t on the first months referees fixture list.

In other news, the GFA are set to release a new website in October.  The current website, which is terribly outdated, will be replaced by a new site which will hopefully be kept updated regularly, making the finding of league and cup results much easier.


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