First months fixtures released, teams down potentially by 5.

The first months competitive fixtures have been released by the Gibraltar Referees Association, on their Facebook page.

The list was released to inform referees of their duties for the opening month, and the possibly incomplete list can be seen here:

The initial list (though still incomplete), means that so far, these teams have been confirmed:

Teams confirmed for next season

1st division:
St Josephs
Man Utd
Gib United
Glacis AFC*

2nd division:
Leo Santos
Red Imps*
Gib Pilots
SJ Athletic
Rock Cosmos

St Josephs
Glacis AFC
Gib Utd
Man Utd

Gib United
Man Utd
St Josephs

It is unlikely that many, if any teams, are missing from that list, or do not play in the month of October, so it looks like this could perhaps be the finalised list of teams for the upcoming 2010/11 season, beginning with the traditional curtain raiser of the Pepe Reyes Super cup between Lincoln and St Josephs.

If so, then it would mean an overall drop of teams from the four divisions from 35 to 30. The first division would be down by 1 team, the second division would be down on 3 teams, whilst the reserves would be down by 2 teams.

However, in more positive news, the ladies league has gained a team in Lions; more signs of the lady’s side of football in Gibraltar being on the up.

The biggest team to have dropped out from the list is former 1st division side PWC Laguna, who finished 6th last season, and avoided relegation.

Notable second division teams to leave include Europa FC, who finished 3rd last season, and Rock Celtic, who were expelled during last season, and have not reformed for this season (as seen here:

Also, Glacis have changed their name to Glacis AFC, and Red Imps seem to be the only new team, and possibly a second Lincoln team, as Red Imps was once a name add-on to Lincoln. Also, Rock Cosmos seems to be a name change from College Cosmos, although that, like Red Imps, is not 100% likely to be true.

If any teams have been left out, it seems Cannons FC are the most likely, as they have a reserve team, but not a first team this season, which doesn’t seem right.

A (hopefully full) set of fixtures is set to be released either this week or next by the GFA, and this will confirm total participation for the 2010/11 GFA season.


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