Team list, team picture and possible live coverage of Senior Festival Cup

Another entry similar to “Various pieces of news”, but this time there is not as much news, although it all focuses on the senior national team

  • The full team list of 26 players has been confirmed, and subsequently listed on Wikipedia.  I know the source who wrote it on Wikipedia, and he is quite reliable, so this is the link to see the 26 players, 23 of whom ply their trade in Gibraltar:  Lincoln are strongly represented in this team with 11 of the 26 players currently at the league champions.
  • The official team picture was released recently, and has now made its way online.  Here it is (note that the two men in the front row in away kits (under both outfield players, not the player under the keeper) are not players:
  • GBC did not show the weekly show “Sports Report” as planned.  During the replacement show (a 30 minute programme promoting Bavaria oddly enough), they alerted viewers to the fact that Sports Report will be on tomorrow at 8pm (local time, 7pm GMT).  Now, considering that this is at the same time as Gibraltar’s game against Los Barrios, there is the possibility that they may be showing the game live on GBC in a special edition of Sports Report.  If it is shown live (only the second time that it would have happened, the first being the charity match between Liverpool Legends and Gibraltar Veterans, which occurred a few years ago), then you should be able to watch it live online at .

Apart from that, there is not much else to report on.  I was going to set up my mobile to twitter mobile to update with scores as they happen, but twitter mobile does not support virgin mobile for some reason, and therefore this is not possible.  However, I will provide a match report on the game tomorrow night, once I get home from the stadium (will probably not be until a bit after the Liverpool game finishes as I will probably watch that at a pub, then grab a takeaway before going home)

Finally, good luck to the national side for the tournament this weekend, and lets hope for a win to raise the spirits of the local game, which has been in decline over the last few years.


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