Gibraltarian Home and Away kits unveiled

Home kit 10-12 back view

Home kit 10-12 front view

These images show the 2010-12 Gibraltarian home kit, which will be worn in all football matches that Gibraltar play in, most notably the Island Games in the Isle of Wight in 2011 (which starts a year on Friday).   Credit for the images go to

I will upload pictures of both the away kit, and more of the home kit, once I can find my cable to connect my mobile to my computer.  In fairness, it is very similar to the home kit, albeit in white.
As for other matters concerning Gibraltar, all that is of much importance is a rumoured Gibraltar Cup which is being held at the Municipal de La Linea, a 12000 capacity stadium, which is the home of Spanish Tercera side Real Balompedica Linense.  The tournament is said to be between Linense, Gibraltar, Los Barrios and Estepona, to be held at the end of July, according to the official forums of Linense.

Other than that, there isn’t much else.  Lincoln, rather expectedly, won the league and Rock cup, closing it to within one consecutive title from equalling Glacis United’s record for consecutive league titles set between 1965 and 1974*

*Note, Lincoln will be achieving this under both the names of Lincoln, and Newcastle United, a temporary name change for them when Freddy Sheppard, then Newcastle chairman, supplied the team with kits, as he had (and still does I think, purely for tax reasons) in Gibraltar.


2 thoughts on “Gibraltarian Home and Away kits unveiled

    • I noticed that, although I don’t think that is limited to acasports, as back home both the home and away kits seem to only be stocked in small, medium and large sizes (for adults at least, they do have a decent range of kids sizes too)

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